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Since the Internet has become an integral part of daily business operations, most managers and business owners are struggling with the problem of Internet abuse in the workplace. As a rule, employees, who spend office hours surfing unrelated websites, shopping or being engaged in personal email or chat conversations, can become very costly in terms of lost productivity. Moreover, when your employees work with sensitive business data, corporate information protection also comes to the foreground.

If you don’t want your employees spend a lot of their office time on non-work related Internet tasks and would like to protect your confidential information, using remote Internet monitoring software and keeping a constant eye on their activities during business hours is the right way to go. We advise you to take advantage of our powerful corporate Internet monitoring software that is successfully used in companies, government and educational organizations of all sizes.

Actually, our Activity Monitor is the most suitable Internet monitoring software for business needs. Being designed to monitor up to hundreds of computers, this powerful tool helps in boosting overall productivity and ensures company information protection. Your employees won’t spend working hours on endless chats or surfing the Web with entertainment purposes as from now on you know what, how and when your network users perform.

With our remote Internet monitoring software for business, you can monitor your users just from a single administrator PC. Due to full computer usage statistics and advanced reports, you can easily find out how much time employees spend online and what exactly they do when being supposed to work. In addition, a built-in advanced keystroke logger will capture such important information as keystrokes typed, programs run, websites visited, etc.

February 2nd, 2011