Desktop Employee Monitoring Software, Internet Surveillance with SoftActivity

While running a business, first and foremost owners and managers are interested in ultimate staff productivity and performance. Thus, there are many reasons why an employer should monitor the work performed by a staff member. Knowing, that computers and the Internet play an indispensable role in almost every business process, it should be noted, that under these circumstances, the risk of inappropriate time usage could be higher.

In fact, some employees may abuse internet access usage and waste their time browsing unrelated websites or communicating on non-work related topics. Recent surveys show, that many employees spend their time surfing the Internet during working hours. This, so called “cyberslacking” may result in lost productivity and even important business information leakage, as employees spend their working time on personal goals. All the above mentioned may definitely affect overall businesses performance if not to take urgent actions.

Fortunately, we can offer you Activity Monitor that is a powerful desktop monitoring software tool for tracking activity within office network. Our full-featured Internet surveillance software allows to track any local network giving the most detailed information about the activity performed. Consisting of advanced modules that can be easily installed on every remote computer, our network employee monitoring software is absolutely invisible for the end-user, so you can view the desktop in real time and remain undetected.

Internet surveillance software has become a necessity and standard for many business networks. SoftActivity is ready to provide you with a full-featured desktop tracking program, that can log all websites visited, emails sent and received, chat conversations made and even capture screenshots periodically, so that you will be always updated about your network user activity. Moreover, from now on with the help of Activity Monitor you will be able to analyze your employee productivity at work.


February 24th, 2012