Digital Spy Equipment You Need in the Home

Innocuous-looking alarm clocks like this one can be purchased with powerful, built-in spying capabilities

Innocuous-looking alarm clocks like this one can be purchased with powerful, built-in spying capabilities

With technology changing our lives on a regular basis, it might seem impossible to keep track of everything – or everyone. At times, you might not even feel secure in your own home. Or maybe you just wish you felt a little more aware of goings-on within your own domain – a little more secure. Maybe you want to keep better track of family members, friends, or visitors or protect against outside threats posed by burglars, vandals, and thieves. This post is aimed at helping in that regard; in part, it’s about the “tech within the tech” – common, everyday gadgets that can be purchased with customized, powerful, built-in spy equipment. Think that sounds a bit too James Bond-ish – perhaps too expensive for anyone but the extremely wealthy? Think again. Here’s a list of digital spying equipment you need in the home, most of it priced lower than you might expect.

Hidden Camera Devices

There are so many of this type of home spy equipment that it would be impossible to detail all of them one by one in a single blog post without writing hundreds of pages. Are you looking, perhaps, for a customized alarm clock with an infrared-capable camera that can both record video to its own internal DVR and stream live video to an external source? Such spy equipment isn’t nearly as expensive as you might expect. Maybe you need an iPhone charger with a built-in micro camera to covertly keep track of a specific room or person or just to catch any would-be burglar or thief in the act? Smart watches are becoming fashionable, but how about a watch with a built-in, infrared-capable micro camera? Or maybe you need a pair of glasses or sunglasses with a built-in micro camera to record your surroundings? Or maybe you’d feel more comfortable with a micro-camera-equipped smoke alarm, air purifier or A/C power adapter in your home. And don’t forget dash-camera systems for your car in case you decide to fight that traffic ticket in court. Of course, any home is more secure with a video-surveillance-based outdoor home security system.

Voice and Sound Recorders

As with the “hidden camera” category, the number of home spy equipment devices equipped with covert sound recorders is too numerous to list in a comprehensive way. All of the devices listed above, of course, can record sound as well as video, but you can also purchase variations of those same gadgets designed solely for sound recording. From ink pens to computer flash drives and key chains, if you want to make a sound recording of someone or something without their knowing, there are plenty of options.

GPS Trackers

Has someone stolen your car? Maybe you’ve misplaced your prescription pill bottle. Or maybe you want the capability to track your child or your pet in real time at a moment’s notice in an emergency. Maybe you want to be sure your teenager really is going to a friend’s house on Saturday night and not making additional, unauthorized trips in your car. You might think you’d require costly, professional spy equipment in any of these situations, but that’s not so. Several reasonably priced GPS trackers are available that will allow you to accomplish any of these tasks and more. GPS stands for global positioning system and is the same technology used to help your smartphone or your car navigation system enable you to find your way around. In this case, the GPS device communicates with a satellite orbiting a few miles above Earth, and the signal bounces between your reader and the corresponding, covert tracking device. As with the other devices on this list, GPS trackers can be had for less cash than you might expect.

RFID Purses and Wallets

These handy accessories aren’t so much true spying equipment as they are anti-spying equipment. These days, any thief with an Internet connection and sufficient cash to purchase a relatively inexpensive RFID (radio-frequency identification) scanner can steal your credit card information and other private data right out of your wallet or purse. That’s where these specially-lined wallets and purses come in. The foil lining creates a protective shield around your credit and other cards that might contain microchips that can transmit sensitive data to covert RFID scanners.

Any of these devices can help make life simpler and more secure and organized, providing peace of mind while solving some of life’s mysteries – both large and small. Best of all, devices that may have been once considered professional spy equipment, available only to spies or the very wealthy, are now within reach of the average consumer’s budget.

By Frank Winston, SoftActivity

Photo by Sarah Reid (Flickr)

March 20th, 2014