Employee Computer Monitoring Software: Monitor Employee Internet Activity, Monitor Employee Web Surfing

Extensive Internet usage as well as electronic communication is becoming an integral part of the typical working activity today. As a result, many companies are faced with the problem of improper employees’ web surfing at the workplace and usage of company’s Internet resources for personal needs. If you’re going to increase your company productivity and forget about the Internet abuse, you may be interested in learning how to monitor employee Internet usage during working hours. With professional employee computer monitoring software from SoftActivity you can easily monitor employees’ web surfing knowing virtually everything what they’re doing on their office computers.
Do your employees communicate with friends, play online games or surf the Internet when they expect to be working? What do they write in their emails from the working place? And finally, are you absolutely sure they continue working when you leave the office? Our employee computer monitoring software is designed just to answer all these questions telling you what your employees are doing on their computers step by step.
Actually, knowing how to monitor employee Internet usage you get unprecedented control over your company’s performance and overall productivity. Our Activity Monitor provides you with an opportunity to keep an eye on multiple employee computers simultaneously from a single workstation in your LAN allowing you to monitor employee Internet activity completely invisibly.
You may rest assured that in circumstances when employee Internet abuse is becoming an increasing problem, our employee computer monitoring software offers you a comprehensive solution to monitor employee Internet activity and stop wasting office time on unrelated tasks.

September 28th, 2009