Employee Computer Surveillance Software, Track Employees Online with SoftActivity

In today’s business world you will hardly find a company that doesn’t use computers and the Internet in its daily work. However, as an employer and business owner, you should have a clear idea whether your employees spend working hours and company resources on non-work related activities or, what’s even worse, thieve your intellectual property or cheat you in any other way. Researches show that on average companies may lose thousands of dollars per one employee because of his/her fraudulent activity and decreased productivity.

That’s why, tracking your employees at their workplaces has a good business sense. Nowadays it’s an easy task due to the new ways of monitoring and spying programs that are typically installed on an administrator’s computer and every individual workstation. These solutions allow you to keep a watchful eye on your employees even if you are not around. We are here to offer you a full-featured employee computer surveillance software tool Activity Monitor that will help you accomplish this critical business task with unmatched ease.

Activity Monitor works like a typical surveillance camera recording every computer movement in real-time from websites visited and conversations made to files downloaded and programs run. This recorded information can be saved in any convenient format and then reviewed and analyzed. It is stored in a single centralized location on your main computer in the highly encrypted Central Log Database.

From now on you can enjoy ultimate functionality of Activity Monitor whether you track one or hundred workstations at the same time. Besides, you can give access to this employee computer surveillance program for several managers to allow them monitor employees in their own departments within your company. In such a way, if you need to track your employees secretly and efficiently, consider using Activity Monitor from SoftActivity.

August 13th, 2011