Employee Computer Tracking Solution: Monitor Employee Online Activities, Employee Computer Usage Tracking

Do your employees spend too much time surfing unrelated websites that have nothing to do with the working process? Do they send sensitive business information to your competitors? Are your employees not as productive as they should be because of Internet abuse? If you wish to get answers to all these questions, start employee computer usage tracking process as soon as possible. Take advantage of our powerful and full-featured employee computer tracking solution designed to help you monitor employee online activities in real-time and remotely, even when you’re out for a business trip.

Actually, Activity Monitor has become an industry-leading employee computer tracking solution for businesses as it allows to monitor employee online activities and computer usage with detailed records of everything an employee does on his office computer.

Indeed, our comprehensive employee computer tracking solution records all chat conversations, emails sent and received, websites visited, programs run, files downloaded and even keystrokes typed – actually everything that you can expect from employee computer usage tracking process. In addition, Activity Monitor takes desktop screenshots, so you can see the exact succession of everything your employees are doing, step by step.

This detailed information is automatically stored in one centralized location on the main computer, which allows you to use the results of employee computer tracking for further analysis and investigations to get all the evidence you need to prove guilt or innocence. Take advantage of Activity Monitor from SoftActivity to increase employee productivity and reduce PC and Internet usage abuse.

June 23rd, 2010