Employee Internet Control Solution: Best Internet Control Software, Software to Monitor Employee Internet Usage

Do you know that in accordance with the recent research results, most business owners/managers face with the problem of excessive Internet abuse on the workplace? Actually, being an extremely useful tool for daily business operations, the Internet also represents the biggest distraction during office hours. What does this mean for your company? First of all, inappropriate employee Internet use can expose your network to security threats while reducing your revenue and overall productivity dramatically.

With the tendency of preventing employee Internet abuse, more and more employers start to pay decent attention to employee Internet control allowing to keep a constant eye on what is going on in a company’s LAN. Our Activity Monitor is one of the best Internet control software solutions that will do all this work for you.

It should be mentioned that our employee Internet control solution has proved its excellent efficiency in increasing overall productivity within any business environment where it’s used. While using our powerful software to monitor employee Internet usage, you can protect your business from computer-based liabilities and eliminate important information leakage.

Designed from a management perspective, Activity Monitor helps you find out who is the most productive employee and who is a slacker. As a manager, you can track Internet usage and sites visited, view employee emails and see both sides of instant messaging conversations (Yahoo Messenger, Skype, ICQ, Windows Live, chats, etc.). Moreover, our Internet control software includes useful functions showing you all keystrokes typed, programs run as well as everything what have been uploaded or downloaded from a particular computer.

Take advantage of our employee Internet control solution (purchase a full version or download a 15-day free trial version) to stop abuse on the workplace and increase business efficiency.


January 27th, 2011