Employee Internet Monitoring Solution – How To Monitor Employees Internet Use

Do you have employees wasting work time on personal purposes, browsing social networks or viewing inappropriate content? Would you like to protect intellectual property and trade secrets from the theft? Then you may be interested in learning how to monitor employee Internet use and stop any fraudulent activity. SoftActivity is here to offer you Activity Monitor – a highly efficient employee Internet monitoring solution allowing you to have your hand always on the pulse of what is going on in your LAN.

In fact, our powerful employee Internet monitoring solution allows business owners and managers to be well equipped to monitor employee Internet use and find out what they are doing when they are supposed to be working. Moreover, Activity Monitor is difficult to locate for your network users as small client software part installed on all computers runs completely invisibly.

Our Activity Monitor will tell you everything your employees are doing online during the office hours. This professional employee Internet monitoring solution makes it easy to get the most detailed information on what is going on in your office network. All keystrokes typed, sent and received emails, chat conversations made, web surfing history, programs run, etc. are within your fingertips.

When you make Internet resources available for your employees, it can lead to time-consuming and costly legal and security problems such as lost of productivity or confidential information leakage. Take advantage of our employee internet monitoring solution today and be able to spy any computer within your LAN remotely.

June 8th, 2011