Employee Internet Usage Monitoring: Tracking User Activities on the Internet, Track Web Usage

If Internet access is a key resource for your organization, it can be also a key vulnerability factor as employee Internet abuse is a rather widespread trend in many companies. Actually, an average employee uses the Internet for personal interest during working hours visiting unrelated sites, sending and receiving personal e-mails, reading news and doing other personal activities. That’s why employee internet usage monitoring software is simply essential for most organizations looking to eliminate working time wasting and loss of productivity. SoftActivity is here to provide Activity Monitor – an excellent local network monitoring solution for tracking user’s activity on the Internet in real time.

This advanced tool allows to track web usage of your employees giving you the most detailed information on what, how and when your network users performed. Moreover, with our highly developed software for tracking user activities on the Internet, you can secretly monitor any employee PC without his knowledge.

Be sure, Activity Monitor will tell you everything your employees are doing online during the working hours including history of visited websites, personal messages, run applications and programs, downloaded files and more. In addition, our handy employee Internet usage monitoring program comes with a hidden built-in keylogger that allows you not only track web usage but also record received information in a special log file for further deeper analysis.

Still can’t believe that now you can monitor employees at their workplaces and ensure the highest level of productivity? With professional employee Internet usage monitoring software from SoftActivity you will forget about employee Internet abuse problem and have a peace of mind about your company productivity and security.


April 23rd, 2009