Employee Monitoring Solution: Monitoring Employee Internet Usage, Monitor Employee Computer Activity

Internet abuse in the workplace and as the result lost of productivity is a significant issue for many businesses that allow the extensive Internet access for their employees. If you would like to know what your office employees do when they are expected to work, monitoring employee Internet usage is the only option you need. SoftActivity is ready to offer you Activity Monitor – the most effective employee monitoring solution allowing monitoring of employee computers in real time from one administrator’s PC.

Our Activity Monitor provides you with the unmatched control level to monitor employee computer activity and track their computer usage at work. While monitoring employee computers, you will know every move of your networked users whether they are visiting inappropriate websites, running restricted programs, chatting online with friends or sending personal emails.

Moreover, when it comes to monitoring of employees Internet usage, our Activity Monitor provides you with the excellent reporting options by recording user activity on all networked computers into the central log database for the deeper analysis and advanced report generation. Our powerful employee monitoring solution enables you to monitor employees computer activity without their knowledge as this program runs completely invisibly for other users.

Actually, your employees may waste a lot of time on non work-related online activities during working hours. Take advantage of our professional employee monitoring solution and get own electronic eyes and ears on the workplace helping you to obtain necessary control and improve overall productivity through continuous monitoring of employee computers.

January 25th, 2010