Employee Monitoring Spy Software

Dealing with the Internet during a whole working day provides employees with a wide range of opportunities. Sometimes untrustworthy employees may earn money by selling confidential information about the company they work at to the competitors. If they don’t have access to this information, they can simply abuse their access to the Internet that will affect their productivity dramatically. One of the most effective ways to prevent your employees abuse the Internet usage for their personal needs is monitoring employee activities with the help of network monitoring software. Deep Software Inc. is here to provide you with powerful employee monitoring spy software to know more about your employees working day in details.

Due to new technologies evolution employers now have an opportunity to monitor their employees when they use office computers and phones, but the most effective way for monitoring employees is to track their Internet activity. So if you suspect that your employees abuse the Internet usage for their personal needs during the working day and that the working productivity is dropping, it is time to visit our website and download Activity Monitor employee monitoring spy software.

Recent surveys have shown that majority of employers monitor internet activity on a network of their employees’ in order to prevent inappropriate surfing. With the help of our network monitoring software you can monitor your employees’ emails and online activity without any hassles. Our network monitoring software allows you to monitor email messages that are sent within the company as well as those that are sent from the employee’s computer to another company and vice versa, not mentioning an unapproved surfing on the Internet.

With network monitoring software from Deep Software Inc. there is nothing easier than monitoring employee activities as the new version of software has a lot of additional advantages. Form now onwards you are allowed to track your employees’ activity from one PC, get real time and accurate detailed statistics of what your employees do and when.

May 6th, 2015