Employee Network Monitoring Program, Monitoring Employee Work, Employee Monitoring System

Computers, local networks and the Internet make it even easier for computer cheaters to take advantage of your data, resources and money! If you want to protect your company from sensitive data theft, it is time to think about monitoring employee work. Employee network monitoring program is an ideal solution to meet this purpose. SoftActivity is here to provide the effective employee monitoring system for round-the-clock monitoring of employees’ email, charting and internet surfing.

Even if your employees are not the criminals even in their thoughts, but simply abuse the Internet usage at work, this still affects your company productivity considerably. Most employees are not aware of the effects of misusing the company’s network and Internet connection. They see no problem with personal internet surfing and insist they still remain productive.

Simple monitoring of employee e-mail and monitoring of employee network usage during a working day can improve the situation significantly. Employee network monitoring program from SoftActivity is an easy and at the same time very effective way of controlling your employees performance. Our employee monitoring system has very easy-to-use wizard-style interface to make your employee control absolutely hassle-free.

If you download SoftActivity employee network monitoring program, you will forget about wasted employee hours, bad performance and productivity. You will get complete control over your employees’ computers from one PC staying absolutely invisible.

January 22nd, 2009