Computer Monitoring System: Employee Network Monitoring, Record Computer Activity

Nowadays many companies are faced with the annoying situation when employees waste their working hours surfing improper websites, playing online games, contacting friends – in other words, using the Internet for their personal needs. With a professional computer monitoring system it is possible to take control over company’s local network and regain discipline in your team. SoftActivity is ready to provide you with the advanced employee network monitoring software including built-in smart keylogger and other necessary monitoring features.

Our Activity Monitor is the powerful computer monitoring system that enables you to track all user activity on local network in real time from a central workstation. Such spy software for computers is designed not only for various private businesses, but also for universities, libraries and schools where students can also abuse Internet usage. Activity Monitor server can be installed on any computer in the entire LAN and after installation the program immediately begins to monitor all activity on the network PCs. You may rest assured that this computer monitoring system runs absolutely invisibly while your employees or students are working on the computer.

Due to smart keylogger our employee network monitoring program makes it easily to see how and which users are wasting working time at any given moment. Our outstanding smart keylogger provides you with wonderful opportunity to remotely monitor and record computer activity of your employees. Only imagine, completely invisible and easy-to-use smart keylogger allows you to know everything about your local network user activity including chat conversations, sent and received e-mails, downloaded files and even typed passwords. You may also set up this computer monitoring system in such a way that it will record computer activity and store this information in the special log file for your further analysis.

September 25th, 2008