Employee Network Tracking Software, Monitor Network Activities with Activity Monitor

In today’s digital era, when almost every company runs some sort of business transactions through the Internet, more and more business owners and managers are coming to the understanding of the importance of being able to monitor office network activities. A certain percentage of employees are wasting work time day by day on surfing unrelated websites and doing other personal activities that have noting to do with their job.

SoftActivity is here to help you successfully solve the problem of existing or potential computer and Internet abuse by your employees during working hours by offering you a comprehensive employee network tracking software solution Activity Monitor. From now on you’ll be able to know everything what your employees are doing on their office computers at any given moment.

Consciously or unconsciously, but when your employees abuse or misuse their access to the Internet and surf it for their personal needs, they can place your sensitive corporate information at a substantial risk. While executing control over employee online activities you can avoid most of such problems, identify those who carry out illegal tasks and prevent them from doing it in the future.

If you think that the functionality of employee network tracking software is restricted by control over employee online activities only, we’re here to undeceive. How often do you lose important files, emails, communications or other pieces of information because of sudden power outages, computer shutdown and crash or server failures? From now on you can recover any information that has been lost from entire documents to correspondence easily, as Activity Monitor records every keystroke typed and program run.

June 17th, 2011