Employee PC Monitoring Software, Control Employee Online Activity, Spy Software Package

Since the issue of employee PC monitoring has become the number one problem for most modern companies, SoftActivity presents new generation employee PC monitoring software Activity Monitor. Our full-featured spy software package will allow business owners and managers to control employees online activity and in such a way increase overall staff productivity.

Our employee PC monitoring software allows you to control employee online activity in real time and remotely from your workstation or even when you are away on a business trip. This spy software tool logs the full web surfing history by tracking and recording all URLs visited as well as other computer moves made.

SoftActivity’s employee PC monitoring software stores in a central log file detailed reports on all programs used, keystrokes typed, websites visited, e-mails sent and received, passwords entered, etc. Moreover, our spy software package Activity Monitor lets you control employee online activity using new IntelliSnap technology that makes screenshots based on user actions.

Apart from work-time wasting, there is also a range of serious problems making you to install employee PC monitoring software in your LAN such as unauthorized access and commercial information leakage. If you have faced with such problems in your company, it is essential to start controlling employee online activity immediately and do that on a regular basis.

January 6th, 2010