Employee Surveillance Software, Monitoring Employees on the Workplace

Email and IM communications, web surfing, file transferring and a great variety of other business operations accomplished through the Internet have become an integral part of a typical employee’s daily work. In many companies computer facilities and Internet access come as indispensable means for conducting job-related processes. However, free and uncontrolled access to these corporate privileges may impose a great risk in information leakage and decreased productivity due to inappropriate activity during working hours.

Monitoring employees on the workplace is the first necessity if you wish to eliminate these risks and Activity Monitor from SoftActivity may be an indispensable tool for accomplishing this crucial task. It is one of the best employee surveillance software solutions available on the market today with the fullest possible set of advanced features and options.

By tracking every single user action, Activity Monitor will let you know about all aspects of employee behavior at their workplaces during working hours. In such a way you can have a peace of mind knowing that your computing property and Internet access you grant are being used exclusively for authorized tasks. Besides, our powerful employee monitoring program allows to get a live view of remote desktops. You can even start or terminate processes and turn any given computer off or restart it remotely.

Activity Monitor may also provide improved document security by allowing to record all file operations, including reading, copying, saving, writing, deleting, etc., on removable drives like USB flash drives or external HDDs. This will allow you to dramatically enhance overall safety of your intellectual property and confidential business information by preventing any possible theft or leakage.

August 18th, 2011