Employee Tracking Software, Real Time Network Monitoring, Hidden Key Logger

Nowadays almost every company that offers Internet access to its employees has a problem with Internet abuse on the workplace. As more and more employees are using the Internet and work computers for extensive personal use during working hours, various employee tracking software solutions become available on the market. If you would like to know whether your employees are staying on task or wasting working hours on the Web, SoftActivity is ready to offer you powerful Internet usage monitoring software with built-in hidden key logger for your local network activity tracking.

Our Activity Monitor provides you with the most advanced opportunities for real time network monitoring to find out how your employees are using company network and spending their working hours. This high-quality employee tracking software gives you the ability to view all Internet activity of your network members including chat conversations and visited websites, started and run programs, downloaded files and much more to know what exactly your employees do online while using office computer equipment.

Powerful hidden key logger included in our Internet usage monitoring software allows you to record employees’ activity in real time to monitor how much time your staff spends for personal needs. This hidden key logger records everything what user types in his emails and chats, tracks documents he opens and transfers, etc. This detailed information is automatically organized into a special log file for further easy analysis and reporting.

Employee tracking software from SoftActivity will provide you with total control over the network computers in your company and help find out what your employees are doing when they are supposed to be working.

December 22nd, 2008