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Computers and the Internet have changed the way we do business nowadays. Actually, when used properly, the Internet can be an indispensable tool for any business, but there is solid statistics data of the Internet abuse on the workplace. As a business owner or company manager, you may be interested in employee web tracking to know what your employees do when they are supposed to work. SoftActivity is ready to offer you Activity Monitor – full-featured employee web monitoring software designed to provide detailed information on what’s going on in your company LAN.

We all know that when employees accomplish personal tasks instead of performing their duties, it is rather harmful for overall company productivity. That’s why our powerful employee web tracking software allows you to monitor all computers in your office LAN and track employee web use remotely just from a single administrator’s PC. Activity Monitor program can be installed on any computer in the entire LAN giving you full control over employee computer and Internet activities.

While coming with undetectable keystroke logger for real-time monitoring, our employee web tracking software provides you with the detailed reports on employee online activities including websites visited, chat conversations made, emails sent and received, keystrokes typed and much more. Moreover, this professional employee web monitoring software works absolutely invisibly so you can track employee web use without being detected.

Most business owners still don’t completely realize that employees, who play games, chat with friends and perform other non-work related activities, can be the main reason of lost productivity and source of information leakage. If you’d like to stop employee Internet abuse on the workplace, take advantage of our employee web tracking software and get control you need to prevent excessive Internet usage on the workplace and make your employees work hard during their working hours.

September 23rd, 2010