Employee Workplace Monitoring: Internet Monitoring on the Workplace, Monitoring Employee Internet Use

Do you know that, in accordance with the researches, average companies that allow their employees unlimited access to the Internet waste thousands dollars because of lack of productivity and information leakage? Actually, non-work related activities such as online games, Internet shopping, chatting and web surfing represent new temptations for the majority of employees during working hours. That’s why many companies are interested in monitoring employee Internet use to find out what they do when they’re supposed to work. SoftActivity is here to offer you professional employee workplace monitoring software designed to provide you with total control over your local network.

Our Activity Monitor is designed for Internet monitoring on the workplace and delivers potential benefits for your business with regard to increased network safety, identity theft prevention and increased productivity. Be assured, our powerful employee workplace monitoring software allows you to monitor employee web usage and other computer activities on any computer in your local network during office hours, staying absolutely undetected.

Moreover, while allowing monitoring of employee Internet usage, our Activity Monitor provides you with a powerful keylogger that records Internet websites visited, emails sent and received, chat conversations made, etc. into a special log file. All detailed information stored in this encrypted file can be later used for advanced report generation and deep analysis of your employees Internet activity.

If you would like to increase your company’s productivity and keep an eye on your employees with the help of Internet monitoring on the workplace, you’ve come to the right place. Our full-featured employee workplace monitoring program is your best choice to monitor employee web usage as well as track and record everything happening within your entire network from a single administrator’s PC.

February 7th, 2010