Family Internet Monitoring, Family Internet Usage Monitoring, Tracking Internet Usage

Nowadays, when children are involved in Internet activity every single day, almost every parent knows how important is to monitor kid’s online behavior. Actually, tracking Internet usage of your kids is necessary to ensure their safety while browsing online. If you would like to know how to track child’s Internet usage to protect them from potentially harmful information, SoftActivity is ready to provide you with family Internet monitoring software to help you monitor online and computer activity of your children in real time.

Our SoftActivity Keylogger is the excellent software tool for family Internet usage monitoring to ensure parents have a full control they need over child online activity. If you suspect that your children use your home computer to surf illegal sites or play online games when they are supposed to do homework, our advanced network monitoring tool will provide you with the detailed information about every Internet movement your kids make. Just start tracking Internet use with our family Internet monitoring software and you will be able to know exactly what your children have been doing online.

In addition, this family Internet usage monitoring tool runs invisibly and allows you record everything your kids do on the computer whether it is a history of viewed websites, downloaded files, used applications and programs, sent and received messages, etc. All recorded information is stored in a special log file and you can access it anytime you need.

Without having advanced family Internet monitoring software on your children computer, you may be putting them at a serious risk to be exposed by the harmful and dangerous aspects of the Internet. Our SoftActivity Keylogger designed for tracking Internet usage of your kids provides you with an effective control you may need to ensure round-the-clock child safety.

March 3rd, 2009