Family Key Logger

Internet monitoring has become indispensable nowadays, when all human activity is connected with computers and Internet usage. If you need to get to know about the computer user activity for certain reasons, the easiest and the most effective way is to use key logger software. Key logger software can be used for two main reasons – to monitor a local network, say at a company or educational institution; and to monitor the child’s online activity at home. Deep Software Inc. is ready to provide you with powerful key logger software to monitor employeesand family key logger to check child’s online activity.

Employee and home key logger provide you with a set of internet monitoring tools working together to effectively protect you from different types of computer threats. Family key logger is PC monitoring software designed for online child safety. It will protect your child from dangers and hazards of the Internet. If you want to be sure that your child is surfing safely on the Web and doing his homework rather than accessing inappropriate adult sites, home key logger from Deep Software Inc. is an ideal solution for you. Children are innocent, vulnerable and inquisitive by nature that’s why they can incur to a danger that overloads the Internet, starting from cheaters and spammers, and ending with your identity information losses.

In addition to powerful home key logger Deep Software Inc. suggests you to download advanced key logger to use on the workplace that will protect you from being exploited by your own workforce. Our powerful key logger software will protect employers from “cyber slackers” – workers who spend hours surfing the Internet for their own purposes. Business may lose considerable percentage of its profits because of computer abuse but if you download advanced key logger from Deep Software Inc. server, you can eliminate the problem absolutely hassle-free.

Here at Deep Software Inc. we have developed cutting edge key logger software and Internet monitoring software to fit all our clients’ specific needs. On our website you will find powerful, yet easy-to-use internet monitoring software starting from family key logger package for home usage and ending with the most sophisticated network monitoring software for local networks.



May 8th, 2015