Family Monitoring Software, Computer Tracking Software, Child Internet Security

The Internet is a great source of various learning and entertaining tools and services for both adults and children, but unfortunately, there is also a lot of harmful information on the Web that can be a threat to children’s safety and well-being. That’s why nowadays a parental tracking program for monitoring computer at home is an essential thing for parents needing to ensure child Internet security. Without such computer tracking software you will have no way to know what your kids do online and in such a case put them at serious risks. SoftActivity is here to offer you powerful family monitoring software providing you with control you need over your child network activity.

Our powerful SoftActivity Keylogger is the excellent solution for parents concerning about their children’s online and computer activities. This family monitoring software allows you to monitor just about everything that happens on your local PC. You will know if your kids are chatting inappropriately, visiting web sites they shouldn’t, using unsuitable programs, downloading harmful files or doing something else online while they are assumed to do their lessons or go to bed. With our advanced program for monitoring computer at home it is easy to ensure child Internet security and protect kids from major dangers of the Internet.

Moreover, computer tracking software from SoftActivity includes completely invisible key logger module that allows you to know exactly when and what your children do online. SoftActivity Keylogger records in details all history of your child’s network activity from emails and chats to typed keystrokes and passwords. All recorded information is stored in a special log file for easy retrieval and deeper analysis.

Powerful family monitoring software from SoftActivity is a superb spyware program for the most effective parental control designed to help parents keep child Internet security. Be confident that our advanced software for monitoring computer at home will alert you when your child is into something suspicious online.

December 22nd, 2008