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Nowadays, as more and more parents realize the importance of keeping a watchful eye over their children Internet usage, there is an increasing trend in using various home network monitoring tools. If you have teen-age children, it is especially important to keep control over your kids’ online activity as in that age they think they are much more mature than you give them credit for and can be rather reticent. However, in spite of the fact that your children are becoming more independent, they are not mature enough to understand various risks that may exist online. That’s why SoftActivity is here to offer you our powerful home computer monitoring software to monitor teens Internet use and help you ensure your kids’ Internet protection.

Actually, unsupervised teenagers can gain access to inappropriate information or images or even have contact with people who can place them at risk. In that case our SoftActivity Keylogger is the ideal spy software tool for monitoring computer use and providing you with the control you need over your child online activity. Our home computer monitoring software is designed to monitor teens Internet use in real time giving you the full information what they are doing and with whom they are talking online.

Our SoftActivity Keylogger is a powerful solution that allows monitoring of computer use and tracking web activity without a user’s knowledge. This home computer monitoring software runs invisibly on the background and captures every activity, which is performed on your computer including desktop, typed keystrokes, email activity, file transfers, website visits, chats an much more to help you ensure round-the-clock children Internet protection.

Although teenagers are almost adult, they are still vulnerable as they have rather limited life experience to be a good judge about who and what is safe. The Internet can be a dangerous place for your children, but armed with necessary information you can make the Internet space safer for them.

March 27th, 2009