Network Monitoring Systems: Home Computer Monitoring, Family Internet Monitoring Software

Today parents need to be aware of their children’s computer and online activity as it is the essential part of keeping their kids safe from possible Internet scams. That’s why numerous network monitoring systems have already become a necessity for most parents needing to ensure safety of their children online. If you are looking for security monitoring software to monitor and track your kids’ Internet usage, you are welcome to SoftActivity We are ready to offer you the advanced home computer monitoring program – Softactivity Keylogger that provides you with all special features you need to protect your children from online threats.

Our family Internet monitoring software will be ideal for parents that would like to know what their kids are doing online when they are at work or don’t have regular access to a home computer. After installing this security monitoring software on a home computer you will have your hand on the pulse of what your children do and where they go on the Internet. Our advanced home computer monitoring program makes it possible to be aware of kid’s received and sent emails, downloaded files, used applications and so on.

Softactivity Keylogger allows you to make sure that your children are not using Internet inappropriately as you can find out detailed information about their online activity. A completely invisible and hardly traceable keylogger module and keystroke recorder will inform you when, how and what your kids were doing on the computer.

Family Internet monitoring software from SoftActivity is one of the most powerful computer monitoring systems designed for the effective parental control and reliable protection of your children from online threats.

November 25th, 2008