Home Computer Spy Software, Track Home Computer Remotely with SoftActivity

Anyone with Internet access along with indisputable benefits may face some online threats sooner or later. This is especially true for kids and teenagers if you let them surf the World Wide Web without proper supervision. Here, it makes a great sense to start using home computer spy software solutions to ensure online safety of your beloved ones. SofActivity is ready to offer you all-in-one, yet affordably priced home computer spy program SoftActivity Keylogger that will make it possible to track your home computer remotely from any location.

Indeed, using our powerful home computer spy software will allow you to secretly view everything what is being performed on your kids PC without their knowing, unless you tell them. As a superb spying engine, SoftActivity Keylogger runs in the background and secretly records all websites visited, applications used, keystrokes typed, chat conversations made, emails sent and received, etc.

With the help of the advanced IntelliSnap™ technology, our home computer spy program can even capture screenshots of remote desktops at predefined time intervals. All recorded information is stored in a highly encrypted log file that cannot be viewed or tampered without knowing its password. From now on you can track your home computer remotely even if you’re far away from home as this advanced home computer spy software SoftActivity Keylogger can send reports to your mailbox with any necessary frequency – every few hours or minutes.

Same as you wouldn’t let your children go out without warning them about possible dangers, why would you let them enter this many-sided online world without proper supervision? Track your home computer remotely from any location you are in – be it either the next room within your home or an absolutely different country. With our sophisticated home computer spying program SoftActivity Keylogger this is as easy as 1-2-3.


September 26th, 2012