Home Network Monitoring

Internet is a source for various useful information and numerous services, such as online chats, file transfer services, e-mail systems, online games and many others. That’s why there is no wonder that not only adults but also children find themselves a lot of exciting activity on the Web. Today children spend plenty of their time playing on a computer and surfing the Web. If you are concerned about possible negative influence of the Internet on your kids and interested in their online activity monitoring, Deep Software Inc. is here to offer you the quality home network monitoring tool for the most efficient parental web control.

Our Activity Logger is the most advanced home network monitoring spyware, which allows you to keep an eye on your children when they are online and in such a way ensure top-notch child Internet safety. By monitoring home network you will get alerts of any online computer activity of your kids whether he is visiting an inappropriate website, downloading undesirable files, playing gambling games, etc. Our home network monitoring tool contains hardly traceable key logger module that provides parents with more control over their children network activity. You get detailed log files with full reports about your kid’s Internet activity, which allows you to be more confident in their safety.

With Activity Logger from Deep Software Inc. monitoring home network is as easy as 1-2-3. Our network monitoring tool comes with easy-to-use options, convenient interface and multilingual support for the most effective monitoring of your home network.

Advanced home network monitoring software from Deep Software Inc. is designed to help parents learn more about their children online activity and take control over it. Don’t be nervous every time your child goes online – rely on our powerful and effective home network monitoring solution.



May 8th, 2015