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The Internet has become significant part of our life and our children have become even dependent on the World Wide Web. Internet provides them with communication, education, entertainments and what not! But along with indubitable advantages of the Internet, kids can get in touch with shady persons who can cheat their identity as well as themselves. Home network monitoring with the help of network monitoring system is the ideal solution of this problem. SoftActivity is here to provide you with the powerful network monitoring tool to protect your children from online threats.

SoftActivity network monitoring system works like a personal private investigator inside your computer. It will provide you with regular reports on all websites visited and programs accessed from your home PC. Our home network monitoring software can even tell you the time and content of all messages and emails sent using the computer you are monitoring.

Our network monitoring tools have very user-friendly interface and perform automatically. You can download network monitoring software directly from our website to keep an eye on your children even if you are not at home. Computer log with the URLs of websites visited, emails sent and received, IM conversations made, etc. could be sent directly to your mailbox

If you want to stay undetected while watching over your kids’ computer activity, SoftActivity network monitoring system is just what you may need. Our home network monitoring software operates at the background, so your children will never know that you guard them unless you let them know.

December 22nd, 2008