How to Monitor Employees Internet Usage – Tracking Employees Internet Use with Activity Monitor

Using a powerful monitoring software solution that allows managers and business owners to monitor all computers within office LAN remotely is becoming an important part of running a business today. There are plenty of reasons for this. Employees with uncontrolled Internet access are likely to waste working hours by carrying out personal tasks online. Whether they communicate with friends via popular social networks, make purchases, play online games or surf various websites for personal needs, such work-unrelated activities may negatively influence your company productivity.

Simply look around your office space. Can you tell exactly who is a conscious employee doing his work properly and who is an idler chatting with friends? With SoftActivity you’ll easily learn how to monitor employee Internet usage in real time. We are ready to offer you Activity Monitor – the only solution you need to track computer activities as well as time spent on the Internet for any user group.

Our powerful solution for tracking employee Internet usage is the best way to prevent personal misuse during working hours. Activity Monitor consists of server and client parts and is very easy to install and use. This powerful computer spyware has proved its excellent efficiency in monitoring various public networks and commercial organization LAN. Wherever you are currenly located, get real-time and accurate detailed stats on every step that your employees are doing online, including sent and received emails, IM chats in popular instant messengers, visited websites, used programs, typed keystrokes, etc.

User-friendly Internet tracking software offered by SoftActivity will help you create an efficient office atmosphere. Make your company work more efficient and avoid internet abuse on the workplace with Activity Monitor from SoftActivity.


June 16th, 2011