How to Monitor Internet Usage on a Network: Software for Monitoring Internet Usage

Why do business owners and managers start monitoring Internet usage at work? Actually, when a computer network and Internet access is the essential part of your business, besides indisputable advantages with regard to communication and information sharing, it’s difficult to eliminate such a negative impact as Internet misuse during working hours. It is really hard to struggle against the temptation to surf the Web during office hours. But if you can’t prevent personal use of Internet at work, your company is exposed to the risk of intellectual property and trade secrets theft, sensitive corporate information leakage, decreased productivity and others.

As a rule, the majority of employees have access to the Internet at work. Do you know how much of your valuable business time is spent on personal needs and other non-work related activities? Lets assume that your managers are able to control a few employees, but how to monitor Internet usage on the network? This is where Activity Monitor comes into play!

SoftActivity is ready to provide your company with a complete set of spy software tools delivering total control over your local network If you are not sure that your employees continue working when you are away, this advanced program allows you to keep any computer in the network under constant control tracking each employee’s step.

This powerful software for monitoring Internet usage at work consists of server and client parts usually installed on all computers in the network you want to monitor. In addition, while having administrator privileges, you may tune Activity Monitor so that it will report you about activities on all corporate computers.


November 23rd, 2011