How to Monitor Your Kids Computer: Software to Monitor Computer Usage

Do your children spend a lot of time online? Are they using social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook to communicate with new virtual friends? Do they delete their Internet surfing history. This may be a clear signal that your children are involved into something suspicious? You are not alone as many conscious parents just like you feel worried about kids’ computer activities.

Actually, with a large amount of inappropriate content that can be found on the Web and a lot of terrible stories about online cheaters and other possible online threats, it’s quite natural for parents to worry about Internet safety of their children. Do you know how to monitor your kids computer? This is very important if you are not able to keep a watchful eye on them all the day long and think that their excessive Internet usage may have some negative consequences.

SoftActivity</a is here to offer conscious parents one of the best software solutions to monitor computer activity of children and stay informed about what they are doing while browsing the Web. Our SoftActivity Keylogger is a superb spying engine that provides total control over your home PC.

While using our advanced software to monitor computer usage any parent can easily find out, what is going on a home computer in his/her absence. SoftActivity Keylogger may secretly send log files to you by email when computer is connected to the Internet. In such a way, you’ll easily find out prospective threats knowing every their online step from email correspondence and chat messages to Internet URLs visited and programs run.

If you can’t afford to spend quality time with your kids, feel free to use our SoftActivity Keylogger in order to find out more about their life.

August 9th, 2011