How to Spy on a Computer with SoftActivity Tools

With the abundance of entertainments available in the World Wide Web some people find it hard to control themselves and abuse Internet usage day by day, abstracting away from real life. Unfortunately, the internet addiction affects the family life, work and overall sense of reality dramatically.

When it comes to children as computer users you should keep in mind various violent and uncensored information available on the Internet. Children are often extremely curious and they can become exposed to some dangerous and inappropriate websites easily. That’s why, every conscious parent should keep a watchful eye on children’s Internet activity and protect them from inappropriate content and other online threats. If you’re one of those who would like to know how to spy on a computer, consider computer monitoring solutions from SoftActivity.

We take special pride to offer you a wide selection of real-time computer monitoring tools that may help tracking your office or home computer activity staying absolutely invisible for other computer users. These useful programs will ensure ultimate peace of mind, recording every single step your employees or children perform on their PCs – from emails sent and received, websites visited, keystrokes typed to programs run and files downloaded.

Our software keeps all the information recorded in a special log file that is stored on your administrator’s computer and you may have unrestricted access to it whenever required. In such a way, you can get accurate reports on the PC work duration, applications used, websites visited, conversations performed and more.

If you have faced with the problem of tracking any computer activity, it’s high time to visit and learn more about our programs and their functionality.


July 1st, 2012