How to Track Network Activity, Track Internet Usage on Network with SoftActivity

While being an extensive source of useful information, the Internet presents a certain risk to the overall employee productivity. With the availability of such sites as YouTube and Facebook as well as instant messengers (Yahoo, Skype, ICQ, Live, etc.), the Internet usage of many employees is not always work related. Do you suspect that company’s network resources are used inappropriately? It makes a good sense to keep constant track of what is going on in your LAN and what your employees are doing online when they’re supposed to be working.

If you would like to get maximum productivity from your employees, tracking network activity in real-time is the most viable option. SoftActivity is here to provide a simple yet cost-effective monitoring solution for employers and managers looking to control and track Internet usage during office hours.

We will show you how to track network activity on the workplace with minimum efforts involved getting the most detailed information on what, how and when your network users performed. Our powerful monitoring software consists of server and client parts that are installed on all computers you want to monitor allowing you to find out what every employee is doing when he / she is supposed to be working.

Activity Monitor has proved its excellent efficiency while tracking network activity in various business emvironments. Due to real-time monitoring, you’ll have a live view of the remote desktops, can get access to visited wesites history and all programs started and run by all network members and many more. In addition, this advanced web tracking software includes a hidden keystroke logger allowing you to know everything user types in his/her emails and chats.


August 16th, 2011