Internet Access Control Software

Do you realize that your son or daughter may be putting themselves and your family in a danger while hanging out with their friends online, using chat rooms, emails or talking with someone they don’t really know? Would you like to monitor all Internet activities of your children and protect them from possible threats? We’re here to offer you the intelligent parental control Internet access solutions and Internet access control software products to keep control of your child activity any time of a day or night.

Tools to control Internet access are dedicated to help you perform the full control over the computer usage at home and your office. Easy to use solutions to control children access to the Internet allow you know what your kids do when they are browsing online. When you made up your mind to set up effective means for parental control of Internet access, SoftActivity is committed to offer you programs for monitoring computer usage and preventing any hassles associated with that.

Internet access control software records all emails, chats, instant messaging, visited websites, online searches, launched programs and typed keystrokes. With our tool to control Internet access you will be aware of everything your children are posting about themselves and everything their friends are posting about them. Control of children access to the Internet is essential to make sure that your children do use computer only for education purposes and benefit from the Internet, rather than are involved in any suspicious activities.

Taking into consideration the possible risks of privacy invasion, exposure of confidential information and much more, Deep Software Inc. presents you award-winning Internet access control software that will record all the desktop activities for further investigation.




May 8th, 2015