Internet Activity Tracking Software, Track Employee Internet Activity

Nowadays, there is a growing need to track and analyze employee Internet activity during office hours due to a few reasons. First of all, the Internet abuse on the workplace may significantly reduce the overall productivity and cost employers thousands of dollars every day. In addition, employee Internet monitoring is crucial when you need to ensure corporate information security, protect your company from fraudulent activity and reduce liability risks.

Actually, employees using the Internet inappropriately are almost in every company. Do you have problems with Internet abuse during working hours? You are not alone! SoftActivity is here to provide you with ultimate control over your local network. We offer all-in-one monitoring solutions – computer monitoring software and keyloggers allowing you to get a real-time and accurate stats on what your employees do when they are supposed to be working.

Our Activity Monitor is a powerful web monitoring tool tailored for the specific needs of small to mid-size business owners, network administrators and managers. As one of the best software to track Internet activity on the workplace, Activity Monitor offers real-time monitoring of network users from one administrator’s PC. Virtually any computer within the LAN can be spied remotely: you just install this small client program on a computer that you need to monitor and keep a watchful eye on your employee.

Have you ever lost productivity or some confidential information because of non-business use of the company’s network resources? From now on you can forget about negative effects of the employee Internet abuse. Activity Monitor tracks and records everything – from websites visited and programs used to emails sent and received and chat conversations made.

Undoubtedly, real-time Internet activity tracking can be very beneficial for you and your business. You can easily control remote computers in your LAN to stop employees wasting their working time on personal needs. Passwords, keystrokes, file operations, the history of communications, web surfing history, desktop screenshots – you will have a complete picture of when, how and what your employees do on the Internet.


March 25th, 2011