Internet Monitoring Program, Monitoring Children Internet Usage, Monitor Computer Use

Internet offers kids many opportunities for learning, communication and entertainment as they are frequently surfing the web for homework help, chatting with friends, playing online games or doing other activities. However, at the same time children can be exposed to bad face of the Internet finding themselves on the inappropriate sites, viewing harmful materials or even communicating with suspicious persons. In order to ensure Internet safety for kids, theoretically, all parents should be able to monitor computer use and online activity of their children at any time. If you are interested in monitoring children’s Internet usage, SoftActivity is here to provide you with SoftActivity Keylogger – the full-featured Internet monitoring program to ensure 24/7 control you need over your children online behavior.

With our advanced Internet monitoring program you never need to worry about how much time your kids spend online, whom they come in contact with and what is viewed as now you can easily monitor computer use and Internet activities of your children. Our SoftActivity Keylogger is designed for remote monitoring of children’s Internet usage providing you with all necessary information about each their online move to help you ensure Internet safety without their knowledge.

Moreover, this professional Internet monitoring program offers you the opportunity to get detailed reports about your child’s online activity wherever you are as our powerful software records all information into a special log file that can be sent to you via email. In such a way you can monitor computer use and track Internet usage of your kids when you are away to make sure they are safe while surfing the Web.

Are you still worried what your kids do on the Internet when you are not keeping an eye on? SoftActivity Keylogger is the only solution you need to protect your child from online threats.

March 27th, 2009