Internet Monitoring Software for Parents: Protect Your Child Online

With no doubt, the Internet has become a popular mean to socialize allowing us to communicate easily with other people all over the world. That’s why, social networking websites and chat rooms are a favorite pastime for both adults and kids today. While such places help to find a lot of new friends online, they can be very dangerous for vulnerable and credulous children. Generally, chat rooms and various social networking sites like MySpace or Facebook have one common characteristic – they allow to exchange messages with a large number of people anonymously. Do you know who your child is sending messages to? How can you be sure that Internet cheaters are not talking with your child on MySpace or Facebook?

If you are concerned about your children Internet safety, you need to be aware of what they are doing online. Actually, you can use different website blockers designed to keep kids away from visiting inappropriate websites, but with the help of Internet monitoring software for parents such as SoftActivity Keylogger you will have full control you need to protect your child on the Web.

SoftActivity Keylogger will provide you with detailed insight into your child’s online behavior. Our powerful Internet monitoring software for parents is designed to record everything your kids are doing on their computer: chat sessions, email activity, website visits history, keystrokes typed and much more. You can even find out what they are doing on Facebook/MySpace and other social networking sites!

Frankly speaking, when parents try to control child’s Internet activities, most kids take it negatively and call spying. But when it comes to our children safety, everything changes. The less you know the less chances you have to protect your child online. Our Internet monitoring software for parents allows you to provide your children with some independence and privacy as it works completely invisibly on the background of your computer so they continue doing what they normally do when thinking you can’t trace them.

If you are wondering how to protect your child online and want to have the peace of mind of knowing exactly, where he / she is surfing online, take advantage of our advanced Internet monitoring software for parents.

November 24th, 2010