Internet Monitoring Spyware for Parents, Control Children’s Computer Usage

As you probably know from personal experience, every attempt to control children’s online behavior is taken by them as the intrusion into their private life and offence to their personality. However, with the abundance of virtual threats circulating the Internet, it’s really crucial for conscious parents to execute control over children’s computer usage and online activities to ensure their ultimate online safety.

In such a case, you may be interested in having a tool allowing you to monitor your kids remotely and invisibly. SoftActivity Keylogger is in fact one of the most advanced internet monitoring spyware for parents that runs absolutely secretly in the background recording every single event performed on a monitored PC, including websites visited, emails sent and received, programs run, etc.

Actually, for many conscious parents the installation of Internet monitoring spyware solution allows them to monitor and control children’s computer usage to solve and prevent various problems concerned with the Internet threats.

The first common problem our SoftActivity Keylogger can help you with is the misuse of educational time. Typically, children are not so easy to concentrate and they may quickly become distracted from school tasks they’re supposed to do by various things that the World Wide Web has to offer. Now you can clearly identify how they behave online, and if you see undesirable Internet surfing and computer usage, you can give them a notice of your awareness and prevent them from doing it further.

When downloading music, videos, applications, etc. from the Web, your kids, without actually realizing it, may download something that not only can cause various problems to the computer and OS performance, but also may lead to a much more serious dangers concerned with the security of your home network and safety of personal or any other sensitive information stored on your home PC.

The constant use of our full-featured Internet monitoring spyware for parents will allow you to avoid all these and many other potential risks of online browsing.

September 25th, 2010