Internet Parental Control Program: Kids Safety on the Internet, Safe Internet Surfing for Kids

Today kids safety on the Internet should be one of the biggest concerns for parents whose children have unlimited access to the Internet at home. Actually, not only your kids can access inappropriate websites, but also there are much more serious threats online for children of all ages. SoftActivity is ready to provide all parents with the professional Internet parental control program to help ensure safe Internet surfing for kids.

Essentially, we don’t propose you to sit down with your kids and look over their shoulders as our Softactivity Keylogger is designed to provide total control over your local network allowing you to keep kids safety on the Internet by monitoring their computer activities remotely. Our powerful Internet safety software for kids captures everything they type in their emails, chats and other programs, including passwords making it possible to know exactly what your kids do online.

In addition, our full-featured Internet parental control program includes an all-in-one keystroke recorder that records all Internet activities on a computer monitored into a special log file allowing parents to be fully aware of the actions that their children take online. Moreover, this Internet safety software for kids runs in the background and works invisibly so your children won’t feel any intrusion on their privacy.

Undoubtedly, kids safety on the Internet can’t be ignored as without your involvement into kids online activities, they can be exposed to harmful information and other possible online threats. With our advanced Softactivity Keylogger you may have peace of mind gaining the power you need to control your home computer and ensure safe Internet surfing for kids with ease.

January 21st, 2010