Internet Security for Children: Internet Use Tracking, Computer Usage Monitoring

Today Internet security for children is one of the biggest problems for parents whose children use Internet at home. First of all, children are at a great risk when surfing online because of cheaters and massive amount of inappropriate information on adult sites and in chat rooms. If you need to ensure Internet security for children, SoftActivity is here to provide you with Softactivity Keylogger designed for extensive computer usage monitoring as well as real time Internet tracking.

Our SoftActivity Keylogger is powerful software that allows you to monitor home network computer usage and have your hand on pulse of what is going on in your local network. Just by installing our powerful Internet use tracking software on your computer you are provided with the total parental control over your child’s online activities including website visits, page views, emails sent and received, chat conversations, etc.

Whether you need to make sure that your child doesn’t use your computer to surf inappropriate sites while you are away or just to ensure Internet security for children irrespective of where you are, be sure, our SoftActivity Keylogger will help. In addition, this advanced computer usage monitoring program works completely invisibly and is hardly traceable for your children so you can effectively monitor home network computer usage in real time.

April 23rd, 2009