Internet Usage Monitoring Software, Web Monitoring Tool, Kids Internet Safety

Nowadays along with indisputable advantages of Internet usage there are many aspects that can pose a threat for children and influence them badly. Actually, there is a large amount of undesirable factual and visual materials accessible for kids while they are surfing the Internet. If you are concerned with the risks your children face online, you may need a special web monitoring tool to help you keep kids’ Internet safety and monitor their computer activity. SoftActivity is here to provide you with highly developed Internet usage monitoring software to give you control you need over children’s Internet behavior and protect them while they are online.

Our SoftActivity Keylogger is the efficient web monitoring tool designed to assist parents in protecting their children from less desirable and dangerous aspects of the Internet. This powerful Internet usage monitoring software makes it possible for you to keep track of virtually all computer activities of your kids including websites visited, run programs, sent and received messages, etc. In such a way, as a parent you will be sure in your kids’ Internet safety anytime without any hassles.

If you are still not sure that your children are surfing safely on the Internet and doing their homework rather than visiting inappropriate websites, you may rest assured that our advanced web monitoring tool allows you to get detailed reports about their online activity. A completely invisible keylogger module records all information into a special log file that your kids will not be able to see, access, change or delete.

It is commonly known that Internet can be a rather dangerous place for children, but with Internet usage monitoring software from SoftActivity you can keep kid’s Internet safety and protect them from possible online threats. Now you can have a peace of mind that our professional SoftActivity Keylogger can work on your home computer 24 hours a day tracking every Internet movement your children make.

March 24th, 2009