Internet Usage Monitoring Tool: How to Monitor Home Internet Usage

When your child has to do a research project or other homework assignment, the Internet is an indispensable source for useful information, isn’t it? As a rule, having access to the Internet at home, our children use it not only for educational purposes, but also to play online games, write emails, chat with friends, download music, share files, etc. But the indisputable benefits of the Internet don’t come without certain threats: sooner or later your child may receive offensive content in the mail, be redirected to adult related sites or, even worse, talk to strangers and be engaged into something suspicious.

SoftActivity is here to provide each and every conscious parent, who wants to know how to monitor home Internet usage, with an ideal spy software tool designed for effective parental control. Our SoftActivity Keylogger allows you to keep a watchful eye on what your children are doing on the Internet even if you are away. From now on you’ll know when they are involved into something suspicious receiving advanced reports to your email every few hours.

Our powerful Internet usage monitoring tool logs everything what is going on in your home network. Remotely and in real-time you get a full set of information on applications used, emails sent and received, keystrokes typed, Internet surfing history and many more. Moreover, a hardly traceable keylogger module records real-time conversations in Skype, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ and IRC.

SoftActivity Keylogger works absolutely secretly and invisibly running at the background of your PC. A log file with all recorded information is securely encrypted while advanced reports are completely password-protected. In addition, it does not conflict with other software creating no files that can be seen on a hard drive, so children continue doing what they normally do.


November 30th, 2011