Internet Usage Tracking Software: How to Track Employee Internet Use

Why are there so many employers interested in tracking Internet usage at work? Nowadays, employees of virtually any company have access to the Internet during working hours. They spend a lot of time surfing the Web and websites they are visiting are often unrelated to their job. Even if you trust your employees and allow some private use of company’s network resources, it’s highly advisable to learn how to track employee Internet usage to protect your business from fraudulent activity.

Are you a company owner or manager, who would like to know what is going on in your LAN during working hours? Are you sure your employees continue working when you are away? Check this with professional Internet usage tracking software from SoftActivity! Our Activity Monitor is an efficient solution you need to find out if your networked computers are used for personal purposes. This remote spy software system consists of a server part installed on an administrator’s PC and a small client program that you can install on all computers on the local network you want to monitor.

Employee computer monitoring is a very sensitive field, but stealth technology makes Activity Monitor completely invisible for users monitored. Moreover, the monitoring process won’t be detected by popular antivirus products.

When it comes to tracking Internet usage at work, our spy program proves its excellent efficiency providing unmatched control and superior real-time monitoring. You can easily detect employees spending too much working time by chatting with friends, shopping online or surfing the Web for non-business purposes. Activity Monitor includes a hidden keystroke logger designed to record all activities performed on remote computers.

Take advantage of our powerful software to track Internet use and make sure you will have your hand on the pulse of what is going on in your office LAN.


November 28th, 2011