Internet Use Tracking Software, Tracking Internet Activity, Tracking Computer Usage

There is no doubt today that the Internet is an important part of daily work for most employees irrespective of their market field. However, when a company allows online access for its employees on the workplaces, non-work related Internet activities during working hours may harm overall company productivity. As an employer or business owner, you may need to use a special computer tracking program allowing you to know what your employees are doing when they’re supposed to be working. SoftActivity is ready to offer you Activity Monitor – powerful Internet use tracking software that provides total control over your local network through continuous tracking of Internet activity on the network connected computers.

Our advanced computer tracking program is an ideal solution for employers looking to increase employee productivity and prevent inappropriate Internet behavior at the workplace. Actually, now you can monitor every employee activities without the necessity to stand behind or constantly take round of the work area as Activity Monitor allows tracking computer usage remotely and absolutely secretly for your staff.

In addition, our Internet use tracking software comes with completely invisible keylogger to track and record everything happening within the entire network. In such a way, while tracking computer usage, you get real time and yet detailed information about Internet sites visited, applications used, keystrokes typed, sent and received emails, etc.

By monitoring all computers with active Internet connection, you can eliminate falling of productivity issues and take your business to the next level of success.

July 24th, 2009