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Do you really know how many hours your employees or students spend working and studying? Unfortunately, today more and more working hours are spent for personal needs, especially when employees and students have the Internet access. It’s rather complicated to prevent them from spending their working or studying hours on them, but you can take advantage of numerous computer spyware programs and at least have full information about their online usage. SoftActivity is here to offer you professional key logger spyware – Activity Monitor for – invisible and undetectable monitoring of a user PC activity.

With Activity Monitor it is now easy to learn how to control a computer remotely and know everything your employees or students do when they are supposed to work or study. Activity Monitor is highly advanced monitoring software that allows you to get detailed information of computer and Internet activity of your staff or students and track any LAN, whether it is university or commercial organization network. In such a way with our key logger spyware you have the power to view visited websites, sent and received emails, all typed keystrokes, opened documents, chat conversations made – in other words you have the total control over your network computer usage.

Key logger spyware from SoftActivity allows you to record all network activity to the central log database for further review and detailed analysis. Moreover, our advanced key logger runs completely invisible and even experienced users can’t detect it.

SoftActivity provides you with one of the best computer spyware programs with built-in perfect key logger, which guarantees you complete monitoring of your employees’ or students’ network activity from the main computer in real time.

September 23rd, 2008