Key Logging Programs, Remote Key Logging from SoftActivity

Do you know what your children are doing online, what websites do they visit and who they talk to? While the majority of children strictly follow the rule of not talking to strangers in the street, they typically forget about it in the virtual world that has no less or perhaps even more possible threats. Taking the route of cutting off their access to the Internet completely is not a wise decision in such a case, as children would simply search for other possible ways to go online such as their friends or Internet cafes.

For many conscious parents the idea of remote and real-time monitoring their kids computer and Internet activity can be just the right way to go. At SoftActivity we understand your desire to stay always confident in your children online safety and therefore offer you to take advantage of SoftActivity Keylogger – one of the best key logging software solutions available on the Web.

As a multi-functional key logging application, SoftActivity Keylogger can easily cover all the aspects of your kids computer usage and online behavior, including web surfing history, email communications, chat conversations, social networking, online games and shopping, video and music downloads, file transferring, etc.

Rest assured, your children will never know that their computer is under your surveillance unless you tell them about this personally, as SoftActivity Keylogger runs absolutely secretly at the background, remaining invisible in the process list, and, besides, it’s virtually undetectable.

We understand that you may hate the idea of spying on your children, but in today’s dangerous Internet world it is the only proper thing to do: websites with offensive/illegal content, online cheaters, fraud are only a small part of risks that are waiting for your children in the Internet. Start using our remote key logging program SoftActivity Keylogger and enjoy a complete peace of mind knowing that your children are protected and safe.

February 2nd, 2012