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Are you sure your children are absolutely safe while surfing online? You have to consider the fact that the Internet is not only used by ordinary people like you, but also various shady persons and scammers looking for innocent inexperienced children to cheat. That’s why using the best remote keylogger program is crucial to ensure child online safety and protection. SoftActivity is here to offer you powerful keylogger spyware to provide control you need over your child online activities.

You may also want to be sure that your children don’t use your computer to surf illegal sites when you are away or just want to know whether they are playing online games and chatting with friends instead of working on their tasks. Our remote keylogger program is designed to assist you in any situation. With the help of invisible spy keylogger capturing everything users do on a computer, you are able to view every detail of child PC and Internet use step-by-step.

Actually, while being the perfect monitoring and surveillance tool for a PC, our SoftActivity Keylogger is an ideal solution for parental control. This invisible spy keylogger allows you to know exactly what your children do online working in the background of your home PC. This means your child will never be able to figure out if there is keylogger spyware installed in your home computer or not, unless your tell them.

Unlike many other spy keylogger programs, you can try our SoftActivity Keylogger spyware for free during 15 days before initial purchase.

September 26th, 2010