Keystroke Recording Software by SoftActivity

Do you feel the necessity to monitor what your children are doing on the Internet and how they are using their computers when you are away? Are you facing any problems with your students’ online behavior during study hours? Or perhaps, you suspect that your employees waste their work time on personal needs or sensitive corporate information leakage?

SoftActivity is ready to address any of your computer monitoring needs by offering an extensive selection of full-fledged keystroke recording software solutions – SoftActivity Keylogger, Activity Monitor and SoftActivity TS Monitor that will let you always have your hand on the pulse of what is going on in your home or office network.

Every one of our keystroke recording programs allows to execute overall control over your computer users leaving no tracks in the Task Manager and no traces on a hard drive. Recorded reports will be stored in a highly encrypted Central Logs Database and can be sent to your email box at any necessary frequency.

Thus running in the background, our keystroke recording applications secretly record everything your users are doing, including websites visited, chat and IM communications made, emails sent and received, online shopping and games, files and programs downloaded, keystrokes and passwords typed, programs run and even duration of each particular activity.

From now on, with SoftActivity keystroke recording programs you will be able to know in all details how your children, employees or students behave online.

January 27th, 2012