Kids Computer Tracking Software, Monitor Children Online Activities

With all this harmful and inappropriate content that can be easily found in the World Wide Web, it is really important for conscious parents to monitor children online activities and ensure their ultimate safety. You can use any type of kids computer tracking software to perform this crucial mission, but here, at, we take special pride by offering you one of the best kids computer tracking program SoftActivity Keylogger with multiple advanced features and options to meet any your related requirements to the fullest.

As a multifunctional solution, our kids computer tracking software provides such advanced features as screenshot capturing, keystroke and password recording, program monitoring and website tracking – in other words everything required to ensure absolute protection of your children’s computer use. You can also set up SoftActivity Keylogger to send email notifications about their online activities and computer use as often as you wish.

Besides, our advanced kids computer tracking program comes with a stealth mode, so it operates completely invisibly for a user monitored. That’s why your kids will never know that you’re keeping a watchful eye on their online activities unless you tell them. SoftActivity Keylogger can’t be terminated manually even through a Windows Task Manager without specific administrative privileges.

While the Internet opens the world full of enormous opportunities for your children, it exposes them to possible online threats at the same. If you want to protect young computer users from even the smallest Web threats, start using kids computer tracking software to monitor your children activities. Rest assured, our all-in-one tracking program SoftActivity Keylogger is exactly what you’re looking for.

July 20th, 2012