Kids Internet Protection Software: Protect Your Kids on the Internet

Do you have a computer with the Internet access at home? Most likely, you are not aware of what your children are doing online. However, there are lots of possible threats on the Internet, especially for young and naive kids, so parents should be concerned about how to protect kids online. SoftActivity is here to offer conscious parents powerful kids Internet protection software designed to provide complete control over their online activities and keep them safe while surfing the Web.

Actually, the most important thing that can be done to protect your kids on the Internet is to inform them of possible threats that exist online. But sometimes these actions are not sufficient and parents have to check kids online activity and emails in order to ensure their children have only safe Internet experience. Our SoftActivity Keylogger is a full-featured spy software solution for kids Internet protection that will run in the background recording everything they do – from Internet URLs visited and files downloaded to conversations conducted and keystrokes typed.

Our kids Internet protection software is extremely easy-to-use even for a non-technical user: just install it on your PC and you will know exactly what your kids do online. Moreover, SoftActivity Keylogger works invisibly so you can protect your kids on the Internet remotely, even if they are teenagers who might think of this as an invasion of their privacy.

Do you worry when your children are browsing the Web? Get peace of mind with advanced kids Internet protection software from SoftActivity. Our SoftActivity Keylogger comes with a hardly traceable recorder module making the whole tracking process a lot easier and allowing you to protect kids on the Internet even if you are away.

August 25th, 2010