Kids Online Safety: Monitor Kids Computer Usage, Monitor Kids Internet Use, Monitor Your Kids Online

Nowadays both computers and the Internet provide a lot of benefits and tools that can make our everyday life more interesting and much easier. However, assuming that the Internet contains a lot of inappropriate information, it is also a place that can be very dangerous for our children. In fact, as more and more children are involved in various online activities, responsible parents should ensure kids online safety by all possible means. SoftActivity is ready to provide parents with SoftActivity Keylogger – an advanced tool to monitor your kids online and protect them from possible Internet threats.

Basically, in today’s computerized world kids online safety can’t be ignored that makes monitoring their Internet and computer activities a normal practice for parents. You may rest assured that our SoftActivity Keylogger runs absolutely invisible at the background allowing you to monitor kids Internet use in real time and view everything they do on your home computer without their knowing.

While being an ideal spy software package to monitor your kids online, SoftActivity Keylogger creates a log file to track virtually any activity of your children from the Internet URLs visited and files downloaded to keystrokes typed and emails sent and received. Moreover, our powerful spyware records every move of your kid into a special log file that can be sent to your email every few hours telling you when, how and what he did on the Internet.

Are you still thinking that it is too sophisticated to monitor kids’ computer usage and know what they are doing online? Take advantage of our SoftActivity Keylogger and make sure you have the control you need to monitor kids Internet use as well as ensure kids online safety even when you are away.

January 6th, 2010